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Weed & Insect Control

Superior Lawn Care, Inc is certified by the state of Alabama in (OTPS) ornamental and turf pest control. We offer a complete weed control and fertilization program that is designed not only to make your property beautiful, but with the safety of your family, pets, and of course our environment in mind.

Our program for keeping turf lush and healthy has evolved over many years and will continue to evolve as new products and procedures are developed. The basic elements do not change, however, and these make up our program. Healthy turf is the best way to prevent weeds, disease, and insect problems. However, it may become necessary to treat unexpected problems. Should this occur, we would diagnose the problem and suggest corrective actions and its cost. Customer approval must be received before any treatments are made.

Our program is an annual seven (7) application process that eliminates weeds and feeds your turf to achieve a thick, lush weed free lawn. There are a number of issues that can create havoc on your landscaping. Don’t forget to use our weed identification and pest identification menus to help you identify any problems you may have with your turf or shrubbery. Let us bring your property up to its fullest potential!

Our Weed & Insect Control Services include:

  • Weed Control
  • Lawn & Shrub Fertilization
  • Lime Application
  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Fire ant control
  • Insect control
  • Disease control
  • Fungus control
  • Soil Analysis and testing
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

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