Here are some interesting facts about mosquitoes to help you know how to control mosquitoes:

  • Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other living creature.
  • Mosquitoes pose a threat to public health, spreading everything from West Nile virus, encephalitis, dengue fever, malaria, and even heartworms in pets.
  • West Nile virus is spread by infected mosquitoes, and can cause serious, life-altering and even fatal disease.
  • Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so eliminating standing water on your property reduces your risk.
  • The average life span of a female mosquito is 3 to 100 days and the male lives an average of 10 to 20 days.
  • Only female mosquitoes bite-they need the protein for their eggs.
  • From 100 feet away (30 meters) mosquitoes can smell your scent, especially the carbon dioxide (CO2) you exhale.
  • Mosquitoes rarely travel farther than 300 feet from their birthplace.
  • Light colors are less attractive to mosquitoes than dark colors; thus, mosquitoes are more likely to choose a victim wearing darker colors.
  • Citronella candles and smoking coils repel mosquitoes, but you have to stay in the smoky plume to be protected.
  • Mosquitoes prefer dark places like trees, grass and shrubs.

Eliminating mosquitoes from your yard.

To understand how to manage and control the mosquitoes in your yard, it helps to know how they reproduce. Mosquitoes must have water to lay eggs. Mosquitoes like to lay their eggs about 100 to 300 at a time in water. It will then typically take 10-12 days for these eggs to develop into an adult mosquito.

The first step in eliminating mosquitoes is to be sure areas around your home are clear of standing water. It doesn’t take much water for mosquitoes to produce by the hundreds and even thousands. Things such as sand buckets, flower pots, tarps and rain gutters are often a problem.

It is simple, keep your yard free and clear of any puddles big or small and this will help reduce the mosquito population. This, along with hiring a professional mosquito control company will allow you to once again enjoy your outdoor activities and your backyard.

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