Spring has finally sprung here in Alabama and some of you may be wondering where to start when it comes to prepping your yard for spring. Luckily the lawn gurus here at Superior Lawn Care have compiled a very informative list to help you out this spring with weeds, pests, and general lawn care advice.

Keep Your Yard Clean

It’s important to keep leaves, twigs, and other debris off of your lawn as your grass tries to come out of dormancy and green up. Raking also helps loosen up thatch and allows your grass to breathe. Piles of leaves and debris can not only kill your grass underneath it, but it can also be a welcome home for pests, fungus, and disease.

Aerate Your Lawn

A vital step in the health and beauty of your grass is aeration. Aeration is the practice of using a machine to pull tiny cores out of your yard. Aeration loosens up compacted soil and thatch buildup that prevents water and nutrients from getting down into the roots of your turf. This will cause your grass to yellow and eventually die if the issue is not resolved. It is recommended to get your lawn aerated at least once every other year to reduce the chances of soil compaction.

Set a Watering Schedule

Your grass needs water in the spring, but not too much water. Overwatering can lead to damp soggy soils and is very inviting for annoying pests and persistent fungus. Don’t turn your yard into a swamp, only water lightly in the morning before the sun is at its highest point.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Like we said above, pests love water and none love it better than mosquitoes. These pests are the bane of any homeowner. These ruiners of backyard barbecues lay their eggs in standing water and in just a few short days you can have thousands of new mosquitos buzzing around your yard. The best way to prevent mosquitos from taking over your yard is to dump out all standing water on your property. That goes for children’s toys, flower pots, ponds, fountains, bird baths, other water features, and animal waterers. Just doing this simple task can greatly reduce the mosquito population in your yard.

Apply Weed Killer and Fertilizer

Weeds are a big problem here in Alabama. Whether it’s fleabane, dandelions, or white clover, these grass bullies are much tougher than your grass and will eventually crowd it out. Taking preventative measures such as applying pre-emergent weed control and the proper NPK balanced fertilizer can give you a huge advantage against weeds. Keeping your grass strong and healthy is key to weed prevention.

Hire The Experts

Although these tips will help you prepare your yard for spring there is still much more work to be done during the rest of the year. That’s where the pros at Superior Lawn Care come in. Whether you’re looking for the perfect lawn, a pest-free lawn, or both, Superior Lawn Care has you covered.