BioNutritional Lawn Care

Superior Lawn Care is the ONLY complete BioNutritional Lawn Care company in north Alabama using up to 80% less chemicals and pesticides while achieving amazing results!

Providing better lawns…NATURALLY

  • Weed Control (all weeds)
  • Disease Control (all diseases)
  • Biological Fertilizers combined with Living Biology Treatments
  • Soil Conditioners
  • Insect Control
  • ProBiotics

Annual program customized for your grass type (s)
Bermuda, Zoysia, Fescue, St. Augustine and Centipede

Superior Lawn Care is your connection to get the beautiful lawn you have always dreamed of. As a local family-owned and operated professional lawn care company, we understand the climate, soil, weeds, and insects of Northern Alabama that can affect your lawn.

Our exclusive EcoGreen BioNutritional Lawn Care Program is “Naturally Better”. It is the result of years of Superior Lawn Care professionals perfecting the most effective and healthiest ways to achieve and maintain a beautiful lawn. Our program is designed around HOLGANIX BIO 800+, a living microbial product which is a 100% probiotic/organic compost tea mixed with biological fertilizers that enhances optimum soil health, deeper roots, greener healthier grass with fewer weeds and disease.

This process is done by a certified, highly trained Superior Turf Specialist assigned to you! Your lawn is an important part of your home and should be treated with the same care! Your Superior Lawn Care specialist will also provide guidelines for implementing proper mowing, watering, and maintenance practices. Teaming up with your specialist promotes the perfect environment for a “Superior” lawn. We specialize in applying the correct products to your lawn and soil that are needed at just the right time of the year (see our lawn schedule).

What else can you expect?

All soil conditioners are included at NO EXTRA CHARGE! Due to Alabama’s poor clay acidic soil, we apply a BioNutritional product from HOLGANIX that implements microbial activity in the soil separating clay and acids. Adding biology gives life to the clay!

Application of calcium mixed with lime. This combination helps the organic compost teas (living biology) and biological grass fertilization reach complete nutrient absorption in each blade of grass.

All weeds are treated at NO EXTRA CHARGE! This includes Dallisgrass, Goosegrass & Nutgrass.

Liquid pre-emergent weed control treatments for the most effective results possible.

ORGANIC lawn fertilization treatments are liquid applications with targeted control allowing for better root absorption and coverage on your lawn … NOT on your driveway or in your pool!! No ride on spreaders that might damage your lawn and NO LOUD, annoying blowers to remove granular fertilizer!

Earth, Pet & Family Friendly. Our program is safer for the environment and your loved ones using up to 80% fewer CHEMICALS compared to standard lawn care services.

Is It Too Late To Prune My Trees and Shrubs?

If you’re looking to improve the health, vigor, and overall appearance of your landscape, pruning is one of the best things you can do.

Three Ways To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

You’ve spent your hard earned time and money on taking care of your lawn this past year. Now that winter is here you finally get a break, right?

Spring is almost here!

Spring is almost here and our landscapes are getting ready to “come alive” including the WEEDS!! Let us treat your lawn now to prevent weeds before it’s too late!