Help with Controlling Mosquitoes

Our goal here at Superior Mosquito Defense is to show the public just how much of an impact mosquitoes have on your ever day life and how mosquito control companies can and will help you with the mosquito infestation and population.

A female mosquito needs a blood meal in order to produce her eggs, and we all know that her one small bite will leave some of you scratching at yourself for days! Why do these mosquito bites make us itch like crazy you might ask? The answer is simple. All humans are allergic to mosquito saliva therefore causing a reaction when one of us gets bit. While most of the mosquitoes just seem to be an unwanted annoying party guest at your barbeque, others can be very dangerous. Mosquitoes kill over an estimate of 700,000 people each year because of the diseases they carry and transmit.

Listed below are some tips for you on how to control and reduce the amount of mosquitoes in your yard.


Reducing the amount of standing water on your property will help to cut back on the number of mosquitoes buzzing around it. How? In order for a mosquito egg to hatch and mature they need standing water. Make sure to tip over anything in your yard that holds water such as a birdbath or even a rain gauge. Your fire pit can also attract mosquitoes if filled with water.


Piles of firewood, leaves and even grass clippings are great places for mosquitoes and ticks to hide. If you don’t plan on using it, get rid of it!


Dog bowls, plant saucers and even children’s toys are just a few of the many yard items that mosquitoes can lay eggs in if water is present. If you can, try to leave items like that turned over or flip them every few days to make sure no water builds up.


Most tarps that we pace to cover up items aren’t pulled tight enough over the item, causing water to pool up on the tarp. Many of our mosquito control technicians have often noticed tarps over grills, motorcycles, sports equipment and even swimming pools that aren’t pulled tight enough and have water standing in them, providing the mosquitoes with a perfect place for their eggs to mature.


No matter where you live, your home needs to have regular maintenance done to it. Not only will having someone check your irrigation, cut your grass and clean out your gutters make your house look better, it will also help to control all of those outdoor pests, including ticks and mosquitoes.


If you have to share part of your property with a neighbor, talk to them about removing the standing water on their property and how important it is to regularly check for this problem. Even if you remove all of the standing water from your side of the property, your mosquito problem can still continue if your neighbor doesn’t remove their standing water as well.


How would you like to have your mosquito population reduced by 90%? It’s simple! Just have a professional apply mosquito elimination spray all over your property. Our professionals here at Superior Mosquito Defense visit our client’s homes to apply the spray and protect you and your family from those pesky mosquitoes and ticks! Applying this spray also keeps you from having to constantly apply bug spray when going outside. Please contact Superior Mosquito Defense today with any questions you may have about mosquito control and your options to take charge.